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Collapsible Tube Company Select Base- Coating Machine

Collapsible Tube Company (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi select New Base-Coating Machine JRD02 from Wuxi LMT Industry Co.,Ltd. The machine, coats the oil evenly onto the surface of the product, through the rolling of the rubber scroll, thereby finish the work of base coating. JRD02 mainly used in base coating in metal tube production line, also can be used in tin, beer bottle lip etc. JRD02 can used together with the machines of JRS series, working in the same step with printing machine, also can operated in separately.

PCCL Labels Pakistan ( Pvt ) Ltd Installed Long Life LWQ-A-1300 Horizontal Slitting Machine

PCCL Labels Pakistan ( Pvt ) Ltd - Karachi - Pakistan Installed LWQ-A-1300 Horizontal Slitting Machine From Mr. Mudassir Shafiq Of LONG LIFE Machinery-Pakistan. LWQ-A-1300 Horizontal Slitting Machine Is Affordable High Performance & Environmentally Friendly High Speed Slitting Machine For Adhesive Paper Soution. LWQ-A-1300 Use Less Steel in a more compact design, ELIMINATEING Hydraulics for OIL FREE Hygienic Operation and has lower power consumption. LWQ-A-1300 Horizontal Slitting Machine Is Available in Width 1000mm, 1500mm, 2000, And Can Upto 3500mm About Outer Dia, From 800mm upto 1800mm can produce. LWQ-A-1300 Horizontal Slitting Machine Is Available in Min Slitting Width 30mm, And Can Wind Big Outer Diameter Outer Diameter, Upto 800mm Can Rewind.

Collapsible Tube Company purchase Impact Extrusion Press with Slugs Elevator

Collapsible Tube Company (Pvt) Ltd., Karachi Purchase impact Extrusion Press with Slugs Elevator LJ60 from Wuxi LMT Industry Co.,Ltd. LJ60-loads the wafer into the extrusion molding chamber, by its shake hopper, and make the wafer into initial tube under the function of connecting-rod crankshaft. When you adjust the mould, or add some part of device, the LJ60 can produce the initial tube in different types, opening type, sealing type, tine mouse type, the motion is continuous, and stable.

GSK Pakistan Invest Rs 74m to introduce dessiflex packaging technology in Pakistan

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pakistan has introduced a specialized form of blister packaging technology in the country, Pakistan’s leading antibiotic, Augmentin which will now be available in dessiflex packaging. In a pioneering step, which involved an investment of Rs74 million, GSK Pakistan also became the first site to introduce this technology in its global network. Speaking on this occasion, GSK Pakistan CEO, Muhammad Azizul Huq, says, “along with the benefits to our patients, GSK Pakistan is proud to be the first country in the GSK network to introduce dessiflex technology, and we look forward to transferring expertise to the rest of our g l o b a l markets.”

Impress Printing Works installs first Komori GL-529 press in Ireland

Dublin-based Impress Printing Works has just installed their brand-new Komori GL-529 press and becomes the first Irish printer to do so. Impress Printing Works’ is a complete in-house service provider, meaning they can guide customers through the entire process from file to finished product. Their hands-on approachguarantees full attention to every job coming from their diverse customer base. The latest investment allows Impress to improve the quality of printed products and therefore, exceed expectations.

Australian food spread maker Vegemite revamps jars packaging

Australian food spread maker Vegemite is celebrating its 95th anniversary this month with new special edition jars. The company selected three Australian artists David Bromley Mitch Revs and Claudia Moodoonuthi for the new designs. Moodoonuthi is a Queensland College of Art graduate who designed the c o m p a n y ’ s limited edition jars.

Parkside launches fully recyclable flexible packaging laminate

Parkside has launched recoflex-PE, a fully recyclable single polymer laminate with the barrier properties and sealing performance that mirrors a range of commonly used laminates in the flexible packaging sector that are not currently recycled. Designed to support a circular economy, recoflex-PE is made from 100 percent polyethylene (PE), which enables the packaging material to be recovered via the established carrier bag collection and recycling infrastructure. Consumers simply take it to retail stores with collection points.

Xeikon X-800 6.0 integrates with Xeikon digital press platforms and elevates production capabilities

Xeikon has launched the newest version of its X-800 digital front-end (DFE), for maximum automation to and powerful workflow. The X-800 6.0 enables digital printers to process their print jobs, no matter how complex, in a fast, flexible and secure way. It is upgradable to all press-models from the Panther UV inkjet presses – the PX3000 and PX2000 to the Xeikon 3000 series to the Cheetah series for labels and the Xeikon 8000 and 9000 series for the graphic arts markets. The DFE enables print service providers to reduce job preparation time and automate converting.

OKI Europe launches color label printers

OKI Europe is expanding into the label printer market with the launch of two new label printers, the Pro Series 1040 and 1050. The Pro1040 prints in CMYK, while the Pro1050 prints in CMYK plus white (CMYK+W). With the white toner, users have the added advantage of printing on transparent or colored label media – this is done by printing an opaque white background under the CMYK image. The Pro1040 and Pro1050 can print on a wide range of media, from textured papers to synthetics, with white, clear, opaque or colored substrates. Ideal for industrial chemical labeling, asset tracking labels, outdoor-use labels, freezer and cold-storage labels, or labels for packaging, beverages and household goods, the Pro1040 and Pro1050 can p r o d u c e w a t e r p r o o f labels that have been tested to s u r v i v e underwater and are robust enough to resist UV fading.

IIMAK introduces NET330 resin TTO ribbon

IIMAK introduced NET330 thermal transfer overprint (TTO) ribbon for printing on-demand information directly on flexible packaging at Labelexpo Americas. This new premium resin ribbon offers heat resistance and strong adhesion to films, assuring imprints remain legible from manufacturing to end use. NET330 is paired with polyester films used in high p e r f o r m a n c e food packaging and withstands heat sealing, hot fill, oils and other common chemicals. According to Amy Schmitt, director of marketing, 'We are very pleased to offer a durable product with outstanding value to food manufacturers and packagers.

Kodak Flexcel NX Mid System donated to Stuttgart Media University

Kodak has donated a Flexcel NX Mid System to S t u t t g a r t M e d i a U n i v e r s i t y (HdM) that will be used to enhance the practical content of the university’s international degree course in print media technologies. Leading to a Bachelor of Engineering, the course is conducted in English and attracts applicants from all over the world. The course focuses on future and growth-oriented segments in the print media industry, such as smart printing in a wide range of packaging and industrial applications.

New Xerox ConnectKey Printers Uplevel Productivity and Creativity in the Workplace

Workers can spend more time collaborating and creating colorful marketing materials with two new Xerox workplace assistant printers that personalize work experiences and support mobility with secure, wireless printing. Designed for medium and large workgroups, the customizable Xerox VersaLink C8000 and C9000 A3 Color Printers produce professional color quality, backed by benchmark reliability at an affordable total cost of ownership.

“India Day” & India Visitor Group Welcome Ceremony was Successfully Held at All in Print China 2018

All in Print China 2018 kicked off at Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC). Mr. Raveendra Joshi, President of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP), attended the exhibition together with more than 200 colleagues from India printing industry. On October 25th , the organizers of All in Print China 2018 held the “India Day” & India Visitor Group Welcome Ceremony in SNIEC. Attendees included: Mr. Axel Bartkus, General Manager of Messe Düsseldorf (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.; Mr. Kamal Mohan Chopra, General Secretary of Offset Printers Association (OPA); Mr. Raveendra Joshi, President of the All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP); Mr. Anil Kumar Rai, Consul General, Consulate General of India, Shanghai; and Ms. Chang Xiaoxia, General Manager of Keyin Media. They delivered their speeches respectively during the event.

Daetwyler Graphics – Easy coating thickness measurement

The DG Thickness-Star FE from Daetwyler Graphics is a coating thickness gauge that measures the thickness of copper coatings. In copper galvanics, the coating thickness on the respective balls is technically and economically crucial. The DG Thickness-Star FE safeguards that the thickness of the processed copper layer does not fall below the required limit. This ensures that the cutting plates are not exposed to unnecessary wear.

Rotoflex launches DF3 in support of growth in digital printing

Rotoflex has launched DF3, a configurable off-line digital finishing and converting machine. Debuting at Labelexpo Americas 2018, the Rotoflex DF3 is servo-driven from unwind to rewind with print and die cut units in between. It has been designed to deliver efficient operation and a full spectrum of off-line decoration and finishing in the fast-growing digital and hybrid world.

Mondi to invest €340m in new kraft top white machine in Slovakia

International packaging and paper group Mondi has revised its investment in a new 300,000t kraft top white machine at its Ruzomberok plant in Slovakia to €340m. The company has also recently received the necessary permitting, allowing it to proceed with the investment. The investment has been revised from €310m to €340m following refinements to the machine’s technical concept and higher construction costs. The machine is expected to be operational by the end of 2020.

SOMA, MARVACO and FLINT join forces to master expanded gamut printing

Expanded Gamut Printing has become recently a hot topic in flexography for one simple reason – it makes flexo a more competitive printing technology compared to traditional gravure as well as digital by increased quality and productivity. SOMA, MARVACO and FLINT GROUP have continued to join forces to master EGP and highlight the benefits to the printing industry. S O M A produced the first fixed pallet c o - p r i n t e d brand owner designs back in 2008 at drupa. The Expanded Gamut Printing (EGP) has also been a topic at SOMA’s annual conference in 2015, 2017 and 2018 – where various designs were printed live for the audience. The hot topics have always been gravure to flexo conversion and co-printed brand owner designs. In recent years SOMA cooperated with MARVACO and FLINT GROUP on HiQ EGP Project to perfect this technology. The first collaborative project was presented at drupa 2016 – a 250 lpi 7 color expanded gamut PET FOOD design.

Coveris has introduced a fully recyclable PE film

The fully recyclable PE film, which is available across a range of Freshtime produced prepared vegetable lines in stores across the UK, provides the similar protective, functional and shelf-life benefits as existing non-recyclable solutions. Made from polyethylene material, the new PE film is manufactured at Coveris facility in Winsford, UK. The film will meet specific product requirements with technical performance options including high-barrier, microwaveable and easy-open functions for lap, fin and weld sealed formats.

Comexi CTec offering international training programmes

The Manel Xifra Boada Technology Center, Comexi CTec, a specialist in consultancy and technical service for the printing and c o n v e r t i n g industry of f l e x i b l e p a c k a g i n g , expands its training range for 2019 with the inclusion of a new course focused on f l e x o g r a p h i c prepresses. This new advanced technical session, totally innovative, comes up after the great demand of the sector. The training program of this new course is currently being finalized and the dates set for the first edition will be published shortly.

W&H’s blown film lines with highest energy efficiency on the market

TÜV Süd, one of the most renowned independent testing laboratories in Germany, has examined the VAREX II and OPTIMEX blown film lines from W&H for their energy efficiency. The result: W&H offers the best available technology in terms of energy efficiency on the market. Only W&H systems are allowed to carry the “Energy and Media Efficiency” certificate from TÜV Süd. Our customers benefit from this in two ways: firstly through lower energy consumption and lower costs. Secondly, the certificate can be presented to the relevant national authorities as proof of energy efficiency.

The Little Potato revamps potato kit packaging

Small speciality potatoes producer The Little Potato has revamped the packaging of its microwave-ready and oven / grill ready kits with a new look based on customer feedback. Both the product lines now have sustainable packaging with nutritional messaging, cooking instructions and easily peelable film. The design also provides a vertical orientation for merchandising and a smaller case size to maximise assortment.

Konica Minolta develops AR glasses for industrial environments

Konica Minolta has developed AIRe Lens, a new wearable augmented reality (AR) technology designed to bring digitalization and AR to the assembly line. AIRe Lens has been developed specifically for industrial applications. The smart glasses deliver technical information and step-by-step guidance to wearers while maintaining mobility and hands-free production. The technology is designed to guide industry operators step-bystep through work processes, such as assembly, maintenance or quality assurance tasks.

Cosmo Films launches metalized velvet lamination film

Cosmo Films launched a metalized velvet lamination film for luxury packaging segment. The newly developed film has been engineered to offer intense silver colour along with rich velvet touch to the laminated paper/paperboard or package. Silver colour is not easy to handle especially when used as a background during printing. It takes longer to dry and also has a risk of ink set off during print stacking. Due to these challenges, printers usually avoid using silver as a background colour. However, graphic art designers prefer silver background as it allows them to make attractive artworks facilitating use of many other shades and the impact it generates with gold foil stamping and UV spot coating. To bridge this gap, Cosmo Films introduced the metalized velvet touch film which is glueable, stampable and printable.

Graphic Packaging International Wins Folding Carton of the Year Award at Paperboard Packaging Councils Carton Competition

Graphic Packaging’s distinctive gable top carton design for the Kellogg’s EXTRA Creations range of cereals triumphed in the competitive folding carton category. The carton, which is designed to reflect the gourmet indulgent nature of the cereal, features a u n i q u e , premium shape, rich graphics and gold foil stamping. Spot h i g h - g l o s s coating and embossing on the ingredients panel take the graphics to the next level and communicate the quality of the product. Additionally, the shape and structural design of the carton improve shelf stability as compared to traditional cereal cartons.

Heidelberg investing in digital postpress operations with takeover of MBO Group

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) is taking over the international MBO Group in a bid to further expand its offerings in the growing market of postpress operations for digitally printed products. The move will also see the company gain access to new customers in the p h a r m a c e u t i c a l industry and add mailing system offerings to its offset portfolio.


Schmid Rhyner AG’s compliance with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) developed by EuPIA has been certified by QS ZÜRICH AG. This certification is extremely important for the production of packaging in the food industry. With its innovative coatings, Schmid Rhyner helps food packaging manufacturers with product differentiation at the point of sale, an area that is becoming increasingly important. Confirmation of GMP compliance under the EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) guidelines mainly concerns product composition, quality management and hygiene management in order to ensure food safety. Schmid Rhyner’s low migration coatings therefore satisfy the requirements for ensuring the health of consumers and the quality of the product inside the packaging.

GMG releases updated OpenColor software

C o l o r m a n a g e m e n t specialist GMG is releasing an upgrade to its GMG OpenColor p r o f i l i n g software. Version 2.2 of the multiaward- winning software incorporates automatic, spectral data-based optimization of measurement data. GMG OpenColor creates color-accurate proofing and separation profiles based on characterization of the planned print production. The user measures test charts or color patches in order to obtain data needed for characterization. This data is subsequently combined with other parameters from the printing process to create a dynamic profile.

Sato launches productivity enhancing label printer

Sato has launched FX3-LX, a cloud-connected touchscreen label printer that can be operated without a PC. FX3-LX has been engineered with the needs of restaurants, retail, healthcare, manufacturing and logistics workplaces in mind. The 3in printer is intended to be highly intuitive and customizable for increasingly tech-savvy businesses that expect a consumer-level user experience. With support for the Sato application enabled printing (AEP) enterprise label printing platform, the printer enables apps specialized for various work environments that can be accessed intuitively as you would with a smart device.

Edale appoints LnS International as agent for Korea

Edale has named LnS International as its new agent in South Korea. Based in Seoul, LnS is a newly formed c o m p a n y specializing in the supply of high quality equipment for the printing industry. Tony Law, general manager, Edale Asia Pacific commented: ‘Edale sees a great opportunity for its equipment in the South Korean market which is currently dominated by letterpress machinery. The Edale FL3 with its high level of automation is ideal for a country dominated by short runs. The FL5 flexographic carton press with in-line flatbed die cutter offers a competitive production solution for sheet-fed carton printers for short to medium runs.

EFI Appoints Bill Muir as New CEO

Electronics For Imaging, Inc. (Nasdaq:EFII), a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, today announced that its Board of Directors has named William (Bill) D. Muir as its new Chief Executive Officer. Muir was most recently the Chief Operating Officer of Jabil, a product solutions company.

Special show and Science Campus address pioneering key issues of the polymer industry

Innovative materials and technology have been at the heart of all presentations staged at the K trade show in Düsseldorf, the international flagship fair for the plastics and rubber industry. K 2019, which will take place between 16 and 23 October 2019, will also revolve around the key issues of circular economy, resource conservation and digitisation, all of which will be addressed at exhibition stands and by the accompanying programme. The special show, traditionally hosted alongside K 2019 under the known title of “Plastics shape the Future”, will illustrate how plastics can have a sustainable impact on our future, which developments have emerged today and which visions have the potential of becoming reality tomorrow. Centred on several topics, the seven-day event will offer expert discussions, kick-off speeches, entertaining presentations and exciting experiments.

Star Offset installs Konica Minolta bizhub Press C71cf

Star Offset, a label converter based in Bhiwandi, India, has installed a Konica Minolta bizhub Press C71cf. The converter is described as a leading player in offset, narrow web flexo and allied printing activities. The Konica Minolta press was sold by the press manufacturer’s sales partner Insight Print Communication. Operating on dry-toner electrophotography, the bizhub Press C71cf is capable of producing a high image quality of 1200 DPI with a maximum speed of 18.9 meters/min.

ACCUCHECK 2 makes zero-fault packaging a reality

In today’s hectic and time-pressured world, zero-fault packaging is the Holy Grail of packaging production. Most companies no longer have the luxury of Quality Control personnel carefully checking their packing and filling process – ever-tighter margins and increasing competitions have seen to that. So instead, packaging must be – in theory – fault-free on arrival. The onus for quality assurance has shifted from the goods producers and packer-fillers to the packaging manufacturer.

American commercial printing company reaps the benefits of the new Heidelberg CutStar 75

The decisive factor for purchasing a new Speedmaster XL 75 was Ross4Marketing’s ability to have it equipped with the new CutStar 75 roll sheeter. “Under no circumstances would we now buy a press without a CutStar; we expect the new CutStar 75 to facilitate even more savings and even better productivity,” says Eric Ross. “This is the answer to the industry trend of more and more makereadies and lower piece counts. We need to gang jobs together in a cost effective manor. The new Heidelberg XL 75 was the answer. Our XL 75 with AutoPlate and inline press controls hangs 8 plates, in perfect color and register every four minutes with about 150 sheets of makeready.”

Koenig & Bauer Compacta 818 for Belgium

B e l g i a n printing company T´Hooft is continuing its growth curve with an investment in a second Compacta 818 from Koenig & Bauer. In spring 2019 the company’s third Koenig & Bauer press will go into operation in Aalter, Belgium, alongside a Compacta 106 and a Compacta 818. Bruno Braem managing director at T´Hooft: “Our new press meets exactly the requirements we were looking for. We are incredibly satisfied with our two existing Koenig & Bauer presses and we have worked very well with the press manufacturer for years. We are looking forward to receiving our new press as it will strengthen our solid market position even further.“ The press can pump out up to 45,000 80-page copies per hour.

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